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Provider No: HDS41510

Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Glass Windows

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Glass window cleaning, whether domestic or commercial, is a tricky affair. That is why, rather than trying out DIY, you need to hire the best professionals for window cleaning. Remember, the windows are a very important element of your property. While shabby, uncleaned windows will take a toll on the look and feel of your property, sparkling, clean windows will be a shot in the arm for the aesthetics of your property. 

That is why, you must put stakes in the best window cleaners in Ringwood or wherever you are located. Apart from using the latest tools and techniques to come up with the best solutions, these professionals will never commit the following costly mistakes. 

Choosing a Sunny Day for the Cleaning 

This is a very common mistake that people end up committing, while cleaning windows. They will choose a bright, sunny day for cleaning windows. Remember, sun and window cleaning do not make the most ideal pair. The bright sunlight and heat that are associated with it will dry up the water and the soapy substance in it very fast, thus leaving the squeegee marks and streaks on the glass. And if and when the minute dust particles are associated with it, they will invariably leave the window panes with minute scratches that will damage the glass. 

Thus, cleaning windows on a bright, sunny day or when the sun is out and bright is a strict NO-NO. Choosing a cloudy day or cleaning the windows in the late afternoon or early morning is the best option. That’s what the professionals do.

Spraying the Window Cleaning Solution on Dusty Window Panes

This is another very common mistake that is associated with window cleaning. You must never spray the window cleaning solution on the dirty window panes. If you do so, instead of cleaning, it will form a muddy mess on the glass, which is the last thing you would like to see happen during the cleaning. 

To avoid this, the professional window cleaners in Croydon or anywhere else in the world would avoid spraying the solution on the dirty window panes. Instead, they will gently sweep all the dirt and dust with a soft piece of cloth and brush it off the frames using a soft brush. At times, they would vacuum them up using a hand-held vacuum before applying the cleaning solution. 

Being Miser With the Window Cleaner

Rationing the window cleaning solution is a mistake, especially if your window panes are really dirty. The window cleaning experts will use a lot of these solutions to dissolve and suspend all the filth, so that it can easily be wiped away. Skimping on the cleaning solution in these cases will invariably lead to the formation of steaks on the window panes, which will definitely not be something you will appreciate. 

Using Squeegees in Smaller Windows

This can be disastrous. When you use squeegees on smaller windows, you do not have enough room to move or manoeuvre them on the glass. This will leave the glass with multiple streak marks. However, professionals who are into window cleaning Mooroolbark would prefer using them while cleaning larger windows.

Therefore, when it comes to window cleaning, hiring professionals is the best way out, as they will never commit these mistakes. If you are in and around Melbourne, 3 Piglets Cleaning is the best name to turn to, for window cleaning. Call us at 03 4708 4460 to book our service, or email us at to get an online free quote. 

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