Provider No: HDS41510

Provider No: HDS41510

Things You Need to Consider While Choosing an NDIS House Cleaning Service

Hiring a NDIS cleaning service is a pretty tricky affair – trickier than picking a cleaning company for regular house cleaning. The reason being, you will have to take into consideration a number of points, as it is all about taking care of an accommodation that is inhabited by an individual(s) who is/are either plagued by mobility restrictions or by age and have a very pure immune system.

The NDIS cleaning has to be not only comprehensive but also the best in terms of quality to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene. On this page, we discuss the points you need to take into consideration while hiring a NDIS house cleaning service in Bayswater or any other location.

See if the Cleaning Service Provider Prepares a Service Agreement

Prior to providing service, every NDIS cleaning service has to enter into a service agreement with the client. This helps keep instances of misunderstanding at bay during or after the service. So it is imperative that you have all the critical points pertaining to house cleaning, like the timespan needed for cleaning, cleaning compulsions, tools used, and so on, mentioned in the mutually signed agreement.

Therefore, before you hire an NDIS house cleaning service, you need to see if the company is willing to enter into such an agreement.

See if the Company Enters a Price Agreement

This is another extremely important factor to be taken into account before hiring any NDIS house cleaners in your area. NDIS cleaning rates are determined on the basis of the number of hours needed to clean up your property perfectly. In some cases, these service providers would charge an hourly rate, while in other cases, the price is determined in a consolidated way based on the total number of rooms to be cleaned, the total carpet area involved, and the amount of cleaning needed. Thus, the price of the project has to be determined in advance, to avoid any confusion. You need to see if the company you hire for NDIS cleaning will enter into a price agreement before taking up the project. Every valid NDIS cleaner in Mooroolbark as in any other place, will do so.

See if the Service Provider Sticks to the Cleaning Guidelines

Last but not the least, you need to see if the cleaning service provider you are looking forward to hiring adheres to the strict NDIS cleaning guidelines. The guidelines include:

  • Use of the top rated cleaning tools and techniques will result in the best cleaning outcomes.
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products that will help ensure safe cleaning results with no effect on the assets, health, or environment.
  • A price structure that strictly complies with the NDIS cleaning rate system.
  • A clear mention of the incidental costs in the invoice, which should include transportation costs, purchase of cleaning equipment or products, if any.
  • The price limit, as determined by the NDIS price guidelines, must be adhered to by the cleaning service provider.
  • The NDIS house cleaners in Ringwood who are conducting all the cleaning have to be trained enough to carry out comprehensive cleaning that will meet the cleaning needs of your home. And they must follow an empathetic way of cleaning so you never have to face inconvenience because of our cleaning.


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