About Us
Welcome to 3 Piglets Cleaning
The 3 Piglets Cleaning story started when I worked as a PSA (Personal Service Attendant) at an Aged Care Hostel.

I cared for an Italian lady (Anna Maria) who was very fussy about her room. At first, I was very frustrated and I couldn’t seem to achieve her cleaning standard that met with her approval.

As time passed, I began to understand and appreciate through her many years of experience working as a nurse and the high standards she applied to the cleanliness and respect of her patients care and their accommodation. Anna Maria then started giving me a reward of two lollies every time I did a perfect cleaning job for her.

One day my supervisor asked me to do a ‘spring clean’ of Anna Maria’s room – which meant she had passed away! I was too sad to perform this clean and resigned from my position shortly after.

However, I learned three extremely valuable lessons
  • to express gratitude and compassion,
  • set a very high cleaning standard
  • adopt a brand-new perspective on cleaning
cleaning is not a tedious job but a way to help people improve their quality of life!

Over several years, I began to develop my business skills, along with the capital to create my own cleaning business, taking pride and care in everything I learnt through my journey – and 3 Piglets Cleaning was born.

Our success is built on a simple model
We attract people who have a similar work ethic and we develop their passion, providing a platform for them to thrive. The high standard of work our team performs improves the living environment of our clients, while at the same time, provides a strong sense of satisfaction and a good income for our team members.

Our motto is ‘making life better’. We live and breathe this motto with our entire community – our clients, our team members, our other stakeholders.

Anna Maria, if you could hear me now, I am not no longer the boy turning away from your door. Today I thrive on the opportunity to help more people enjoy a clean and healthy living environment.

Thank you for all you taught me and may you have peace in heaven!

– Alvin (Director)