Provider No: HDS41510

Provider No: HDS41510

About Us

About Us

The 3 Piglets Cleaning story started when I worked as a PSA (Personal Service Attendant) at an Aged Care Hostel.

I cared for an Italian lady (Anna Maria) who was very fussy about her room. At first, I was very frustrated and I couldn’t seem to achieve her cleaning standard that met with her approval.

As time passed, I began to understand and appreciate through her many years of experience working as a nurse and the high standards she applied to the cleanliness and respect of her patients care and their accommodation. Anna Maria then started giving me a reward of two lollies every time I did a perfect cleaning job for her.

One day my supervisor asked me to do a ‘spring clean’ of Anna Maria’s room – which meant she had passed away! I was too sad to perform this clean and resigned from my position shortly after.

However, I learned three extremely valuable lessons: 

  • to express gratitude and compassion,
  • set a very high cleaning standard
  • adopt a brand-new perspective on cleaning


cleaning is not a tedious job but a way to help people improve their quality of life!

Over several years, I began to develop my business skills, along with the capital to create my own cleaning business, taking pride and care in everything I learnt through my journey – and 3 Piglets Cleaning was born.

Our success is built on a simple model; we attract people who have a similar work ethic and we develop their passion, providing a platform for them to thrive. The high standard of work our team performs improves the living environment of our clients, while at the same time, provides a strong sense of satisfaction and a good income for our team members.

Our motto is ‘making life better’. We live and breathe this motto with our entire community – our clients, our team members, our other stakeholders.

Anna Maria, if you could hear me now, I am not no longer the boy turning away from your door. Today I thrive on the opportunity to help more people enjoy a clean and healthy living environment.

Thank you for all you taught me and may you have peace in heaven!

– Alvin (Director)

Frequently Asked Questions

As a registered NDIS service provider, we go by the NDIS Guide price. However, some services like windows washing or steam clean will be quoted separately according to its size and condition. 

We call them cleaning technicians because we take pride with our cleaning skills and we improve the skills all the time. Beside technical skills, our cleaning technicians have all obtained NDIS Worker Orientation Certificate, work with children check, police check and NDIS Worker Screening Clearance. Therefore, our cleaning specialist is much more than just a cleaner.

Yes – We provide all the equipment and cleaning chemicals for you. Our cleaning chemicals are environment friendly not only they are safe for your house but also it provides safety to people who use it every day – us! By the way, we can also accommodate if some clients prefer to use their own products.

Yes – We can do all commercial and residential cleaning jobs. In fact, we have experience with cleaning kindergarten, community playground, general office, restaurant etc. we choose specialized in NDIS because it fit our mission.

No – We are a cleaning company who dedicate our time and energy in cleaning which we believe every profession need deep knowledge and each industry has its own equipment to finish its job. You don’t want your removalist to clean your house, right? However, we can refer you to our specialized partner who we trust to bring the right service helping you reach your goal.    

We currently service south east of Melbourne and here are the areas:

Croydon, Croydon North, Croydon South, Ringwood, Nunawading, Blackburn, Ashburton, Mount Waverly, Glen Waverly, Wantirna, Bays water.

This list will keep increase, please contact us for details.

Regular Clean means weekly, fortnightly and monthly cleaning service. This service is aimed to maintain cleaning quality of your home and normally take 2 to 5 hours depends on size of your home. This including service as followings:

  • General surface dusting (spot cleaning around doors & switches),
  • Flooring (vacuum and mop)
  • General cleaning on all surfaces in the kitchen
  • General cleaning bathrooms & toilets

We can make customized arrangement with your regular clean to suit your needs.

Spring Clean aim at areas that has not been focused on regular basis. We suggest a 6 months service interval. This including Service like

  • Oven clean
  • Windows clean inside and out
  • Carpet steam clean
  • Hard water treatment
  • Gutter clean
  • Mould Removal
  • Air vent and light cover clean
  • Wall mark removal

Vacate Clean (End of lease clean) and Spring Clean are very similar but the difference is vacate clean does not have any furniture, so we will perform more wall mark and floor clean.    

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