Provider No: HDS41510

Provider No: HDS41510

How The Aged Care Cleaners Sanitise The Bathroom Of The Accommodation Facilities?

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It is not that easy to keep the facilities that accommodate the aged and frail. The cleaning has to be of paramount quality and the facility has to be sanitised in the best possible way to keep the remotest chance of any contamination whatsoever, at bay. The reason is pretty obvious; with age the immunity power of every individual diminishes.

Hence, any potent source of contamination left back after the cleaning can invite disaster for the inmates of an aged care facility. Thus, experienced aged care cleaners in Glen Waverley will take the best step to clean the bathrooms of an aged care facility, as it is the most likely source of infections and contaminations. On this page, we discuss the process that the aged care cleaners would follow to clean and sanitise the bathroom of the aged care facilities.

  • They Would Use Appropriate Cleaning Agents

Professional aged care cleaners from reputable companies are well versed in the need of the use of the best and appropriate cleaning agents. Thus, they will select either the best cleaning products from the renowned brands or they will go for eco-friendly cleaning products that pose no threat to the health of the inmates of the facilities, due to the absence of chemical agents.

While carrying out cleaning and sanitising the bathrooms, these professionals will mainly depend on top quality hospital-grade sanitising agents and disinfectants, which are supposed to neutralise a wide range of pathogens. These cleaning agents are formulated to eliminate various types of detrimental microorganisms, viruses and bacteria like influenza, E. coli respectively. This is the first step that the aged care cleaners in Scoresby would take to sanitise the bathroom of the aged care facilities.

  • Comprehensive Cleaning of the Surfaces

To be frank, sanitising bathrooms of the aged care accommodations extends beyond the visual aspects. It comprises comprehensive cleaning of all the surfaces, and meticulous cleaning and sanitisation of the toilet seats, the showerheads, the hand rails and handles, the faucets, the flooring and the walls. They will mainly focus on the high touch points, because these points harbour most of the pathogens. They would use adequate and effective cleaning techniques like scrubbing and wiping of the surfaces to clean and sanitise the surfaces.

  • They Would Prevent Cross-Contamination

One of the most important aspects that these aged care cleaners in Ferntree Gully should take into account is the issue of cross contamination. Thus, they will never use the same mop or cloth to clean multiple surfaces, as by doing so, they will only spread the pathogens from one place to another. For mitigating this risk, the cleaners will use colour-coded cleaning materials and change them multiple times during the cleaning process.

Besides taking all these measures, they will put emphasis on the high-risk zones, promote hand hygiene amongst the inmates, and collaborate the staff and the inmates to develop a culture of hygiene and cleanliness that will bring down the chances of any contamination significantly.

Thus, if you are looking forward to hiring professionals to clean your aged care facility, 3 Piglets Cleaning is the best name to turn to, if you are in Victoria. Call us to schedule an appointment with our experts.

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