Provider No: HDS41510

Provider No: HDS41510

Regular House Cleaning: Vital Steps To Keep A Home Clean & Dust Free

Regular House Cleaning Glen Waverley

Keeping the home neat and clean is one of the toughest tasks the owners face. It is not that they don’t want to give a safe, clean, healthy and peaceful living environment to their loved ones. But the thing is that they are so busy fulfilling their professional commitment that they hardly get the time to clean their home. Hence if you are also going through the same situation and looking for the best solution then hiring experts who specialise in offering exceptional regular house cleaning in Ringwood is a smart decision you can easily make.

However, if you are thinking that hiring professional house cleaners can turn out to be costly and you want to manage such a hectic task on your own then it is better to follow the steps which are mentioned below. It will help you to clean and maintain your house in the topmost condition.

Steps You Should Follow To Regularly Clean Your Home

  1. Cleaning Tools & Equipment: The first thing that you need to do is buy the right set of home cleaning tools and equipment. If you are thinking that you will be successful in getting rid of dirt, dust, germs and bacteria with the help of a broom or vacuum cleaner then that is not so. The things which you must have are microfiber cleaning cloths, scrub brushes, toilet brushes, multi-purpose dusters, sponges, spray bottles, etc.
  2. Rooms Cleaning: When it comes to cleaning the rooms you need to start with putting dirty clothes in a basket, arranging and keeping the clean clothes in the cupboard, cleaning the beds, sofa and carpets with a vacuum cleaner. You should not forget to remove the dirty curtains, sofa and bed cover, etc. and put them in the washing machine.
  3. Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning: The kitchen and bathroom are the places that need to be deeply cleaned regularly to restrict the spread of germs and bacteria. The things which you need to do is clean the sinks, toilets, bathtub and countertops. Once the utensils are cleaned you need to keep it at the right place. It is also vital to clean the wall and floor tiles and get rid of tough stains.


Apart from all these you also need to make sure that your living room, windows, doors as well as the outside portion of your property is well cleaned and maintained. If you doubt whether you can handle all these on your own or not then it is better to hire experts for regular house cleaning in Bayswater. They will not only offer quality service at an affordable price but will also offer a warranty.

3 Piglets Cleaning is a well-established company which has been helping property owners to keep their residential and commercial space in top condition. Our cleaners are highly trained, experienced and well-equipped with the latest cleaning tools. You can easily hire us to get the best home and aged care cleaning, NDIS cleaning, gutter and window cleaning and much more. If you want to book an appointment then you can call us at 03 4708 4460. For any query feel free to send an email to our professionals will reply to you soon. Offering the best regular house cleaning in Glen Waverley is what we have always been successful in doing for years.

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