How Do the NDIS Home Cleaners Take on the Hardwood Flooring?

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Hardwood floors are always the top choice of households as they add an elegant as well as chic, classy look and feel to the home. However, you need to have it cleaned periodically, for if you don’t, they will accumulate a fair amount of dust and dirt over time. And, if you have an old, frail individual in your family or someone with disabilities, and needing support, that may pose more danger for the individual. That is why, when it comes to providing NDIS home cleaning, the professional cleaners take the following steps to ensure comprehensive and safe cleaning.

On this page, we take a sneak peek into how a professional NDIS Cleaner in Ringwood would clean a hardwood floor. However, before we get to the cleaning steps, let us take a look at the tools they would use.

The tools that the professionals would use to clean hardwood floors include:

Microfibre Mop: They use it because it is a great absorbent. However, the cleaners may also use reusable pads and mops with swivel heads for efficient cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaners: They would use heavy duty vacuums to pick up the superficial dirt.

Broom and Dustpan: They would use softhead, bristle brooms to clean the hardwood floors.

Olive Oil: They would mix olive oil with a solution of vinegar and water, to wipe the floor as the oil will provide a glossy finish to the floor, which will augment its elegance.

For doing this, the professionals would need a vacuum cleaner for vacuuming and sweeping the floor. However, while using the vacuum cleaners, the vacuum beater bar is raised by the professionals to prevent the damage of the hardwood floor.

Using Vinegar to Clean the Hardwood Floor

The specialists offering home cleaning in Doncaster would use vinegar, as it is non-toxic, the most effective, and readily available product. Use of vinegar will add to the glow of the floor. Besides, vinegar contains certain disinfecting features, which helps in the killing of bacteria, viruses and moulds.

Also, white vinegar is colourless and hence, there is no chance of the hardwood floor being stained.

Mopping the floor with a MIld Cleaner

When it comes to removing a stained hardwood floor, the cleaners would use an alkaline-based solution for achieving the best and the most comprehensive solution.

While cleaning a or mopping a hardwood floor, a microfibre mop is most commonly used by the professionals. However, while using the mop, the experts will keep it mostly dry, as excessive moisture will again leave the floor wet, damaging it.

The Precautions Taken

They will squeeze dry the mop as much as they can, so much so that the mop is just damp enough to clean. They will not allow water or any other type of cleaning solution or liquid, which will stay on the hardwood floor for an extended period, as it will not only damage the floor, but will be reason enough to grow mould and mildew, which is detrimental to the health.

Therefore you see, these steps will enable the experts to clean the hardwood floors of the households in a comprehensive and in the safest way. Our experts in 3 Piglets Cleaning will do the same. Hence, if you have any NDIS participant at your home, Call us if you are in and around Melbourne and its suburbs.

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