Provider No: HDS41510

Provider No: HDS41510

What would you expect from your professional cleaner?

What is a professional cleaner and what we can get from a professional cleaner is a big question for many people. In order to meet the client’s cleaning expectation, we need to bridge the gap between the professional cleaner and the customer expectations. Let’s understand that in more detail.

What is professional cleaner

A professional cleaner is a highly trained cleaning technician that have the chemicals, tools and experience. They must complete the duty of cleaning up the dirt or stain without causing any damage.

Professional cleaner brings their own cleaning equipment and chemicals and use cleaning routine to perform their tasks. Professional cleaners will typically clean the space in a circular motion to prevent missing any spots. Professionals avoid using it as a cleaning agent because vinegar creates a terrible smell and could be dangerous while cleaning marble. They are always there to help and have sense of accountability and responsibility in case something goes wrong.

What can customer expect

There are two main types of cleaning service in this market.

Regular Clean : Regular Cleaning Service is used to maintain the surface and they are usually have limit time frame like weekly or fortnightly. Regular cleaning service usually including bathroom clean, kitchen clean, dusting and wiping surfaces then vacuum and mopping floors. Please note this general bathroom clean is different than deep bathroom clean. Brush the grout and remove mould in bathroom is consider as a deep clean rather than a routine clean since it will take much longer time and use special chemicals to reach the goal.


Deep Clean : Deep cleaning service would include thorough kitchen clean, bathroom clean, windows cleaning, oven cleaning, carpet cleaning and so on. “Deep Cleaning Service” is used to remove stains and take care of areas that is not cleaned so frequently like six month or yearly. For example, window cleaning service is a type of deep cleaning service since we generally don’t clean windows every week. We use special chemicals, equipment and put extra time for deep cleaning hence the cost is much higher.

To sum up, we understood about professional cleaners and what can be expected by them. We also discussed the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning.  Proper knowledge and understanding help both clients and cleaners. For cleaners , it helps  to carry out their duties properly and for clients , it helps them to get their  house clean in a proper way!

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