Provider No: HDS41510

Provider No: HDS41510

What Does an NDIS Home Cleaning Service Generally Include?

NDIS Home Cleaning Blackburn

An NDIS home cleaning service can meet the requirements of participants when it comes to making their place spotless. But if you are a participant or his or her family member and wondering what is included in the service, this discussion is for you.

After you learn what the service can offer, you can hire the right NDIS cleaners in Wantirna, Ringwood, Blackburn or any other Melbourne suburb where you are situated. Basically, you will be able to better determine the service quality of a cleaning company after you go through the discussion.

So, without further delay, let us focus on what the components of the cleaning service are.

Vacuuming All Areas in Your Place

Whether you are living in your home or in a shared environment, professionals carrying out NDIS home cleaning in Wantirna and other Melbourne suburbs will vacuum the areas.

Even though this is a specialised cleaning service, vacuuming is included. In fact, without it, removing dirt and dust from the surfaces will be difficult. Thus, in this domain, NDIS cleaning is not so different from the other cleaning services.

Dusting and Mopping     

Similar to the other cleaning services, dusting and mopping are included in NDIS home cleaning. However, here the professionals perform dusting with caution since the scattering of dust during the process can be problematic, especially if the participant is allergic to these particles.

There is nothing much to discuss regarding floor mopping. The only difference is that cleaners use eco-friendly solutions to clean the floor since they do not contain chemicals that might be hazardous to health.

Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning

Since these two places accumulate dirt, dust and grease the most, cleaners performing NDIS home cleaning in Ringwood and the other Melbourne suburbs include them in their cleaning checklist.

The cleaners use high-quality cleaning solutions and equipment to clean these places. After that, they sanitise these areas to eliminate the germs.

Home Organisation  

One of the features of NDIS home cleaning is the inclusion of home organisation.

Sometimes, it might be hard for the participant and his or her caregiver to declutter the place. But this is where the cleaners come in.

Apart from cleaning, they put all the things such as clothes, papers, and other objects in their respective places thus making the place tidy.

Fridge and Upholstery Cleaning

Specialists carrying out NDIS home cleaning in Blackburn make fridges and upholsteries of the participant immaculate as well. So, if you are a participant and want to make appliances and furniture look new, you should hire these cleaners without a doubt.

Garage Cleaning

This is a service the inclusion of which depends on the company.

If it is included, expect to experience a spotless garage that will be cleaned by the cleaners using pressure cleaning equipment and other solutions.

Generally, cleaners aim to remove stains and mould apart from the dirt and dust in garages, just like a normal home cleaning service.

Garden Cleaning / Maintenance

This too is a service that some NDIS home cleaning companies include.

Here, the cleaners remove debris and plant-based waste from gardens, thus making maintenance of the same easier.

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