Provider No: HDS41510

Provider No: HDS41510

What are the Key Advantages of Hiring Aged Care Cleaners?

Aged Care Cleaning Bayswater

When it comes to cleaning aged care facilities, the common practice has always been outsourcing the responsibility to third parties. However, that does not mean you cannot clean your facility. However, cleaning aged care facilities is different from regular cleaning. Thus, the best practice is to outsource it to specialist aged care cleaners. It comes with an array of advantages. Let us discuss those advantages on this page. 

These Cleaners Provide Portfolio Discounts

Aged-care providers that are home to multiple facilities quite often benefit from portfolio discounts as and when they hire third party aged care cleaners in  Ringwood as in any other place. Though these discounts provided by the aged care cleaners vary from one service provider to another, as 1 to 2% reduction across the portfolio  would negate the gap between the in-house cleaning specialist hiring cost and outsourcing to third party cleaners. 

Reduction in Material Costs

Larger, reputable cleaning companies have liaison with chemical, consumable and equipment providers. These contracts would allow these cleaning companies to access essential products at a much reduced price. 

Naturally, when these reputable cleaning companies are hired and contacted by the aged care facilities, they will be able to provide the cleaning at a much reduced rate, primarily because they can provide cleaning at a much reduced rate. In other words, the aged care facilities would be able to come up with higher savings, by aligning with a reputable aged care cleaning company. 

It Will Help Save Hiring Costs

Outsourcing of aged care cleaning to third party cleaning services is also associated with alleviation of hiring costs. In case these aged care cleaning companies decide against hiring cleaning specialists and decide to go for cleaning themselves, they have to incur a huge cost, in regards to hiring the cleaning personnel, training them and paying them their monthly remuneration.

Thus, hiring in-house cleaning staff will lead to a wide range of expenditure. Salaries are an obvious cost, but that;s not all. The payroll tax, superannuation, uniform costs, medical benefits are also included in the cost list. 

Thus, when professionals offering aged care cleaning in Bayswater like elsewhere are hired, it will help them negate all these costs. 

It Helps Elimination of Training Costs

The bucks do not stop with the salary and associated costs of employing cleaning personnel. It also includes training costs. Remember, aged care cleaning has to be more intense, and streamlined than regular cleaning. Therefore, the potential cleaners need to undergo special training and that includes an expenditure. 

Here is where hiring professional aged care cleaners in Kilsyth would make the difference. These companies are home to already trained and highly experienced cleaning experts, who will come up with perfect aged care cleaning by sticking to perfect norms and following the best practices. 

Therefore, the end result of hiring these cleaners is always far better than going for in house cleaning. 

So if you have an aged care facility and you need to clean it, hire 3 Piglets Cleaning. Call us at 03 4708 4460 to book our service. Or you can email us at for an online quote. 

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