Provider No: HDS41510

Provider No: HDS41510

What Are the Critical Areas to Focus on During Aged Care Cleaning?

Aged Care Cleaning

Aged care cleaning is pretty different from cleaning other facilities. In fact, aged care cleaning is as crucial and sensitive as a hospital or clinic cleaning simply for the reason these facilities are inhabited by the aged and the weak, frail and the feeble, who are more sucsciple to bacteria and virus attacks than their stronger and younger counterparts. That’s why aged care cleaning professionals in Melbourne and suburbs take special care while cleaning these facilities. Even the cleaning agents that they use are government-approved hospital grade products that have maximum cleaning effects, without affecting health and the environment. But that’s not all! There are other aspects of aged care cleaning that need to be discussed. The most important of them are critical areas that are to be cleaned particularly, during aged care cleaning.

The Floors

Dirty and unattended floors not only leave a negative impression on the psyche of the inhabitants of the aged care facility and the facility itself. Plus, dirty floors are an excellent breeding ground for microbes, turning out to be the chief source of microbial contamination. Thus, the aged care cleaning specialists in and around Melbourne will take special care of the floors, cleaning them multiple times, using specialised cleaning agents and tools, for maximum cleaning effect.

Non-Porous, Shiny Surfaces

Non-porous surfaces like steel, tiles are excellent breeding grounds for certain viruses. Not only do they remain active on these surfaces for long, they also reproduce and infect individuals through touch. That’s the reason, the aged care cleaning professionals in Ringwood or other Melbourne suburbs would emphasise these surfaces, thus ensuring, they are not only spick and span, but are also fully sanitised and safe.

Porous, Hard Surfaces

Well, just because the cleaning professionals focus on the non-porous, shiny surfaces, it does not mean they leave the porous, hard surfaces unattended. Furniture and fittings made from porous materials like vinyl, timber is cleaned with equal care by these cleaners to meet the disinfection protocols. Before application of the cleaning agents, the surfaces are well-moistened to ensure that the product penetrates deep inside to kill the pathogens and scoop them up from inside the surfaces. Thus, professionals conducting aged care cleaning in Doncaster or elsewhere near Melbourne must know these cleaning protocols to be able to meet them.

High Touchpoints

One of the most important and critical stages in the cleaning schedule is wiping down and disinfecting the high traffic touchpoints in inmate’s rooms, corridors and community areas and common rooms of an aged care facility. These are high traffic areas having too many touchpoints, with each of them acting as active sources of contamination, if not taken care of and cleaned thoroughly.

Hydrophobic Surfaces

MObiles, remotes of television and HVAC systems, tablets and laptops are hydrophobic surfaces. While an aged care facility may or may not have too many laptops and tablets to be cleaned, it will surely have TV and HVAC remotes, phones and certain other electronic gadgets. Again, they are handled by many and thus, can act as potential sources of contamination. Therefore, are thoroughly cleaned by professional age care facility cleaning professionals.

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