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Provider No: HDS41510

What are the Best Practices to be Followed During Aged Care Cleaning?

Aged Care Cleaning Wantirna

There are no prizes for guessing what aged care cleaning is all about. As the name suggests, it is all about comprehensive cleaning of the aged care facilities or facilities that house the elders who are either burdened with age related complications or have any form of disability. Naturally, when things come down to cleaning these facilities, the professionals have to be extra cautious. And that’s why, cleaning practices followed during the cleaning of these facilities have to be different from the others. Here is a sneak peek into the issue.

Firstly, Where the Major Difference Lies?

Before answering the question, let us raise another analogous question – where the major risk of fallacy lies during aged care cleaning in Blackburn or elsewhere near Melbourne.

Surprisingly, vacuum cleaners have been found to be wrecker-in-chief in spreading infections! They exhaust the air by using a collection method, for instance, a dust bag, which picks up all the dust and dirt, along with all the pathogens that may be the cause of infections. Now by using the same vacuums for various rooms, the cleaners inadvertently spread the pathogens all over. While this may hardly be any alarm for conventional cleaning, it definitely makes a difference while cleaning the aged care facilities for reasons quite obvious.

Also, practices like infrequent changing and cleaning of janitorial tools like the wipers and squeegees, mops and containers of cleaning solutions, not stringently complying by the safest cleaning practices may see an escape in case of cleaning of other facilities (though it’s best not to practise them), in case of cleaning aged care facilities in Wantirna or other Melbourne suburb can be disastrous.

So What Are the Best Practices in Cleaning Aged Care Facilities?

Let us see!

  • Conducting regular staff training under supervision of knowledgeable instructors: Every cleaning expert needs to be thoroughly trained about the do’s and don’ts of aged care facility cleaning and making them aware of the latest cleaning tools and latest methods that are safe.
  • Training them to use the latest cleaning methods & products: Besides making them aware, it is important to train them how to use the latest tools.
  • Formulating a workable program along with a timetable of tasks to be carried out: A highly feasible, time-bound and workable cleaning curriculum has to be formulated and that has to be adhered to strictly, while carrying out the cleaning.
  • Using the latest vacuum cleaners having HEPA filters: We are not suggesting to shun vacuum cleaners, but prefer use the ones that come with HEPA filters.
  • Using mechanised cleaning device: Using automatic floor scrubbers along with a microfibre system while cleaning hard floors will pay rich dividends.
  • Besides, it is important to have a robust system whereby all the wet cleaning items are replaced and cleaned regularly.
  • The best quality, effective, organic cleaning solutions are to be used at correct dilution. Also, there has to be a correct laundering procedure in place. And most importantly, regular internal audits of all the concerned procedures have to be conducted to ensure all the parameters are met and maintained.


Therefore cleaning of aged care facilities in Doncaster or other suburbs of Melbourne has to be impeccably carried out and that is why you must put stakes on the very best in business. Hire none other than 3 Piglets Cleaning if you are in and around Melbourne. Call us now to fix an appointment.

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