Provider No: HDS41510

Provider No: HDS41510

Places That Are Thoroughly Cleaned in Aged Care Cleaning

Aged Care Cleaning

Aged care cleaning is performed carefully and with attentiveness. The sole reason behind this is to ensure the safety of the elderly. So, cleaners carrying out this type of cleaning in Vermont and the other surrounding suburbs plan the entire process during the inspection. They also clean all places comprehensively using the best tools and techniques at their disposal. Today, we will discuss which of the areas in homes do the aged care cleaners generally clean. If you do not have an idea of what this type of cleaning comprises, this discussion will thus give you an idea.

Walls, Ceiling and Floor

Just like regular home cleaning, the cleaners performing aged care cleaning in Vermont clean walls, ceilings and floors of their client’s homes using specially designed tools that help in cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, they will only use eco-friendly solutions to keep the elderly safe. The reason behind using these agents is that they are devoid of harsh chemicals that can affect aged people.

Clothes and Sheets

In aged care cleaning, professional cleaners clean the clothes and sheets, dry them and replace them for the convenience of the elderly. However, they use washing equipment in their client’s homes to accomplish the job. 

This is an optional service and clients can opt out of it if they want. Nevertheless, this service is added to make aged care cleaning even more comprehensive.

Carpet Cleaning

In aged care cleaning, professional NDIS cleaners in Vermont perform carpet cleaning as well. They mainly use steam to clean carpets since it is an organic cleaning solution that is effective against spots and fungal growth. With this type of cleaning, the cleaners are able to remove stains and grease on the carpets. However, before steam cleaning, they use vacuum cleaners to remove the dirt and dust on the surface of the fibres. 

Window Cleaning

Specialist cleaners making the homes of the elderly immaculate, perform window cleaning with attention to detail. They clean the window panes, glasses, sills and even blinds to reinstate their appeal. To restore the polish of the frame and the glass, cleaners wipe clean surfaces with a microfiber cloth and brushes.

All Surfaces Under Aged Care Spring Cleaning

In an all-inclusive aged care cleaning service by professional cleaners in Vermont, the homes of the elderly are decluttered and made spotless during springtime. While doing so, the specialists follow various steps and methodologies to keep the elderly safe. In fact, they do so since this type of cleaning is comprehensive and can lead to scattering of dirt and dust which can cause allergies when breathed in. For this reason, before starting the cleaning process, the cleaners take the necessary safety precautions. They help relocate the elderly to rooms that will be cleaned later and then again back to the cleaned areas to keep them safe from these particles.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Special emphasis is given by the aged care cleaners during kitchen and bathroom cleaning since these places accumulate maximum dirt, dust and stains. The cleaners not only use the best cleaning solutions to clean these places, they disinfect these areas as well, after concluding the cleaning service.

These are the six main areas that the cleaners clean to keep the elderly in their best health and give them peace of mind.

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