Most Vital Areas in an Aged Care Facility That Cleaners Must Primarily Cover

Running an aged care facility with regular advancements in equipment for the support of the elderly is not enough! Cleaning the entire facility should also be done in proper sync. But before you get to the part and hire a team of professional cleaners offering aged care cleaning in Ringwood or any other region, you need to learn about the most vital areas in your facility.

There are some areas in an aged care facility that need special attention by professional cleaners. Regularly and properly cleaning these areas or surfaces can undoubtedly help maintain the good health and well-being of the elderly.

You should know that even the most skilled teams overlook these areas and end up showing no great results down the line. So, don’t let this happen this time! Learn about the most vital areas in this blog and discuss the same with your team of cleaners when they are on board. Read the following to learn about them in detail:


A dirty floor can easily harbour microbes and make the area a transfer point for microbial contamination. This is meant to lead to various health hazards because the elderly in your aged care facility often rest their items on the floor and then transfer them onto tables or beds. So, the floors of your premises need special attention at all costs. It is recommended that you use the dry and wet mop method when it comes to cleaning those surfaces the right way. Either way, get top aged care cleaners in Bayswater on board and do the needful in the perfect manner.

Shiny, Non-Porous Surfaces

When it comes to looking after shiny, non-porous surfaces, infection control is a must. You must make use of hospital-grade surface disinfectant cleaners to kill bacteria and viruses present on these surfaces. But make sure that you let the cleaning agent or cleaner air dry in order for the disinfectant to kill the surface microbes. This will ensure that the disinfectant doesn’t get wiped away.

Kitchen Surfaces

The kitchen in your aged care facility is the most important area to take care of all the time. Areas where food is prepared always require special attention. You should make use of food-safe disinfectants in order to maintain and improve the health of the elderly living on your premises. The process of cleaning your kitchen should be done in two steps. First, you should wipe down the entire area and then disinfect it by covering all touchpoints. Amidst everything, make sure that you give each step a lot of time to properly air dry. This will ensure the best effects from your cleaning technique.

If you want your aged care facility to be in pristine condition while ensuring the better health and well-being of the elderly inside, you must give more importance to the above-mentioned areas and use the right techniques to clean them. However, the best way to keep the entire facility in good condition is to hire the best team of professional aged care cleaners in Vermont. They are your best bet for a fully clean and healthy environment!

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