Provider No: HDS41510

Provider No: HDS41510

How Do the NDIS House Cleaners Clean Hardwood Floors?

NDIS Cleaner Mooroolbark

Cleaning has many aspects and each of them comes with different purposes. Of all the types of cleaning that are carried out by the professionals, the NDIS house cleaning is the most crucial. The reason being, they are meant to be applied in the homes with NDIS participants and accommodation facilities that accommodate the NDIS participants. With already these professionals living with various mobility restrictions, they may be weaker and more prone to health hazards than the general populace. In particular, the aged participants are extremely susceptible to cleanliness-related health hazards.

Thus on this page, let us discuss the methods that NDIS House Cleaners in Kilsyth would follow to clean the hardwood floors comprehensively.

Hardwood floors add a classy and elegant look to your home. However, if not cleaned regularly, they accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, thus turning into a big mess. When the floors of the NDIS accommodation facilities are made of hardwood they are cleaned with the use of specific ways.

On this page, we discuss the steps that these experts follow to conduct the cleaning. However, before we start discussing the cleaning procedure we discuss the cleaning tools that these professionals use:

Microfibre Mops: These experts will use microfibre mops, as these mops are absorbent. At times, they would use a mop with a swivel head and a pad that is reusable so that it can be cleaned.

Vacuum Cleaner: They would choose a vacuum cleaner service, which is designed to pick up dirt with the help of a soft roller head.

Dustpan and Broom: To clean the hard surface floor an NDIS Cleaner in Mooroolbark would use a bristle, soft broom. They would use olive oil, which will help have a shiny look and feel that will increase the elegance of the interiors,

They would use Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most effective, readily available non-toxic readily available cleaning products and is one of the best products that bring floor glow. Besides, vinegar contains disinfecting features that can assist in killing bacteria, viruses and moulds.

Besides, white vinegar is colourless and hence, there is no possibility of staining the hardwood floor. The professionals will use the steps mentioned below:

Step#1: Preparation: At first, the professionals will remove all the furniture like tables and drawers, cabinets and cupboards, and the likes to clear out the floor.

Step#2: Cordoning Off the Area: After the floor is cleared of the furniture, the NDIS participants around might have the propensity of getting into that open floor. So the NDIS Cleaner in Bayswater will cordon off the area,

Step#3: Dry Clean: The professionals will start off by sweeping and mopping the floor to get rid of the dust particles. To do so, you can either use a vacuum, dry mob or a broom.

Then they will use a solution of mild warm water and white vinegar to mop the floors for one last time and allow them to dry.

Therefore you see, with such a methodical approach our experts in 3 Piglets Cleaning are the best when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors of NDIS accommodation facilities. Contact us at 03 4708 4460, or write to us at to book an appointment.

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