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Provider No: HDS41510

How do Professional Window Cleaners Clean Windows with Tinted Glasses?

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Having windows with tinted glasses at home is always beneficial. They protect the interiors from the harmful UV rays. If this is one side of the coin, the other side is that you need to take extra care of these windows. That is why, when it comes to cleaning them, you need to hire the best window cleaners. The reason being, these windows need to be cleaned in a certain way.

Why is it Important to Clean These Tinted Windows in a Certain Method?

The films that are used for window tinting are extremely delicate. Hence, they get damaged if you clean them carelessly. That is the reason, you need to hire the best window cleaners in Kilsyth who have the knowledge of cleaning these tinted windows. The professionals would apply certain specialised cleaning methods so that there is no harm inflicted on the films.

Things That They Avoid Doing While Cleaning the Tinted Windows

There are certain things that these professionals will never do while cleaning these windows. They would avoid using:

Rough Scrubbers – as they will cause extremely damage to the films

Ammonia-based cleaning products – as ammonia is an extremely harsh chemical that inflicts damage to the tinting films.

Sharp tools – as understandably, the sharpness of the tool will damage the tints.

What Methods Do These Professionals Use to Clean Tinted Windows?

While cleaning tinted windows the professional window cleaners in Mooroolbark would either clean them naturally or use neutral cleaning products.

Cleaning the Windows Naturally

Natural cleaning option is the safest way to clean tinted windows. All these professionals would use is water in a spray bottle and a soft microfiber cloth. They will sprinkle the water on the glass till a mist of water droplets is formed. And then they will gently wipe the water off from the tinted glass using the micro fibre cloth.

Using Neutral Glass Cleaners

The other fruitful option of cleaning these window tints is using ammonia-free glass cleaning products. The professionals carrying out window cleaning in Bayswater would sprinkle the product lightly on the window tints and then wipe the tinted glasses with a microfibre  towel.

 While doing so, they will check the streaks. In case there are streaks or marks of cleaning, the professionals will wipe the windows once. In most of the cases they will follow a vertical pattern at first and then follow it up with horizontal patterns.

If the windows are slides, they will close the windows and wipe off the top edge when done with. It is an important step taken by the professionals. For otherwise, a thin line or border of dirt will stay. It will steak the windows, whenever they are slided.

Thus, hiring seasoned professionals is very important to clean windows that have tinted glass on them. While tinted windows add beauty to your home and they protect you from the harmful rays, it is imperative that they are cleaned following the safest way.

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