Provider No: HDS41510

Provider No: HDS41510

Environmental Aspects of Aged Care Cleaning

It goes without saying that facilities need the best cleaning practices by the professionals to remain spick and span. However, when it comes to cleaning the aged care facilities, the aspect of environmental cleaning will come into play as well. In fact, when we discuss aged care cleaning, the aspect of environmental cleaning is the most important point to keep in mind. The reason being, human immunity reduces with age, and the aged populace gets infected easily at the drop of a hat. That is the reason, when it comes to taking care of an aged care facility, environmental cleaning becomes all the more important.

The practice of environmental cleaning includes the removal of dirt & germs from soft as well as hard surfaces. While cleaning the aged care facilities, the aged care cleaners in Bayswater would clean curtains and mattresses, door handles and sinks, walls and floors, and furnishings. With an aged populace that is vulnerable to infection, it is essential for the aged care cleaning professionals to apply the best practices of cleaning, with the use of optimal disinfection products and tools. This helps in ensuring a clean, hygienic, and sanitised environment for the inmates of aged care facilities.

The Fundamentals of Environmental  Cleaning in Aged Care Facilities

Ensuring the safety of the aged care facility is the primary objective of aged care cleaning in Croydon. Older adults are prone to disease and infections. The reason being their compromised immune system and various underlying health issues and comorbidities. That’s why the cleaning products used by the professionals during aged care cleaning are always of a higher standard than the conventional ones.

During the cleaning, the cleaners will not only clean floors and various surfaces but will also take special care of the high-touch areas. In fact, they will clean these areas more frequently than the other areas. These areas may include landline phones, TV remotes, knobs and locks on doors and windows, switch boards and switches on fans and switches, and the like.

Besides, the professionals would also take special care of the sanitary system of the facility to prevent any probability of the spread of germs whatsoever.

What are the Best Practices of Environmental Cleaning of Aged Care facilities?

While cleaning aged care facilities, the professional aged care cleaners would follow certain practices to ensure optimum results:

  • Promotion of Hand Hygiene: This includes washing hands and sanitising them comprehensively after every cleaning session.
  • Implementing a Cleaning Schedule: They would maintain a very strict cleaning schedule. This will help the cleaners track their work in progress and manage  the cleaning responsibilities to ensure the facility and its occupants are as safe and compliant as they can be.
  • Checking for Cross Contamination: The aged care cleaners in Mooroolbark will minimise cross-contamination risks by using single use products like mop pads and cloths. Besides disposable items, they reduce the probability of cross contamination by cleaning each area with the help of a pair of clothes, a pair of mop pads, and enough clean water.

Thus, when our experts from 3 Piglets Cleaning carry out aged care cleaning, they will apply these practices to ensure environmental safety for the aged care facilities. Contact us at 03 4708 4460 to book our service, or email us at to know more about us.

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