Provider No: HDS41510

Provider No: HDS41510

Cleaning Standards Implemented by Qualified Aged Care Cleaners

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When it comes to aged care cleaning, it demands something more than what it takes to conduct general cleaning. The reason being, aged care cleaning is all about cleaning the facilities meant to house the aged and the frail personnel. Naturally, the aged care cleaners have to be at the top of their toes when it comes to cleaning the facilities.

The cleaning has to be more meticulous with the margin of error being absolutely zero. That’s because these individuals are already weak with minimum immunity power. Thus, any outbreak of infection resulting from lacuna in cleaning will trigger disastrous consequences. On this page, let us discuss the cleaning standards that need to be maintained by the aged care cleaners in Bayswater like anywhere else.

Comprehensive Cleaning and Disinfection of surfaces

It is not unusual for the surfaces to be breeding ground for various types of germs and pathogens, more so when the surfaces are accessed by multiple individuals. Naturally, as and when the surfaces are not cleaned, the entire aged care facility gets infected in no time. Thus, the best way to avert this phenomenon is comprehensive cleaning of the surfaces, with the use of hospital-grade cleaning agents.

Taking extra care of the high touch surfaces

This is another very important aspect of cleaning the aged care facilities. The high touch surfaces of these facilities need to be cleaned meticulously. They may include door knobs and bed rails, light switches and mobile phones, TV remotes and Window curtains/blinds, tables, chairs, tabletops, and the likes. The aged cleaners in Wantirna South will use the best products and the safest techniques to conduct the cleaning. The cleaning has to be meticulous, as fine and healthy living of the inmates largely depend on this cleaning.

Flawless cleaning of the floor

The floor, just like any other surface, is an excellent harbouring ground of a wide range of pathogens. Again, these cleaning professionals will have to be at the top of their toes to clean the floor as meticulously as possible. They use the very latest and best tools and top-branded hospital-grade cleaning products to ensure the finest cleaning results.

Flawless Bathroom Sanitation

When it comes to sanitising bathrooms, the cleaners would be more meticulous. It goes without saying that bathrooms and toilets, if not cleaned, turned out to be obvious breeding platforms for a wide variety of pathogens. It does not take long for them to infect the weak and frail biological systems of  the inmates of these aged care facilities. That is the reason, the cleaners will adopt the very best steps to clean the bathrooms and toilets of these facilities. They would use the best and the safest products and the quickest and the most effective ways of cleaning to obtain the best results.

Waste Management 

Proper, eco-friendly management of human and medical waste is one of the most critical aspects of the job carried out by the aged care cleaners in Vermont. They would use specialised tools and methods to carry out flawless and safest waste management to thwart any possibility of the spread of pathogens from the waste.

Other areas that these cleaners will deal with include spill management, sanitising the cleaning equipment, and cleaning beds and linens.

All these practices collectively help the inmates of the aged care facilities to stay healthy. If you are to hire the best cleaners to clean and sanitise your aged care facility, 3 Piglets Cleaning is the best name to turn to, as we are among the best. Call us to book our service.

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